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 CoDefender is a science-based formulation offering protection and support against common viruses.  A power pack of essential minerals and vitamins to support your natural immunity.

Scientifically informed formulation based on multiple case studies

30 Day Immunity Boost with essential elements not always present in diet

Supporting your body 's natural defense mechanism to fight viruses

You May be Wondering...

How can I better protect myself?

In these unprecedented times, immunity, sleep, stress, and anxiety have all taken a hit reducing the bodies ability to function at its optimum and fight viral loads.

What has become clear over the last year is that there is no one size fits all prevention, no magic dust, we are in this for the long haul. But, there are things we can do better to protect ourselves including a healthy diet, exercise, being outside. Despite all this, we all need a little more support, that is where CoDefender comes in. We have bundled the essential elements into a single capsule, saving you money and time. Find out more >>

Codefender Immunity Booster

CoDefender is a unique formulation of essential nutrients specifically designed for weak, fragile, and immuno-compromised individuals. It significantly modulates the immune response against various environmental toxins and pathological agents, including Coronavirus. We all know that we get exposed to dozens of disease-causing viruses, bacteria, toxins, and other microorganisms every day. These pathological agents don't wait for the immune response and cause a number of different life-threatening infections. So, before it happens, why not supply a risk-free essential nutrients formulation to back up the immune system and always keep it active against unwanted situations.

Formulated based on current research data

Unlike other immune supplements in the market, Co-Defender only delivers extensively researched nutrients against the different variants of coronavirus. Both lab studies and clinical trials reported significant benefits of these nutrients in managing COVID-19 conditions. These nutrients include Zinc, vitamin D, Selenium, vitamin C, vitamin B family, vitamin A, vitamin E, glutathione, and other necessary supplements. They significantly stimulate immune cell production and maturation, boosting innate and adaptive immunity against viruses, including COVID-19. Additionally, Co-Defender imports cellular integrity and promotes vital physiological functions that further help improve severity and lessen the risk of co-morbidities.

Made in the USA

The formulation is carefully processed in a well-certified facility following strict GMP guidelines. Moreover, the end product is dually tested for purity, safety, and efficacy in a third-party lab. It is important to mention that Our Co-Defender does not include any synthetic chemicals, gluten, or harmful additives. Besides the essential nutrients, we added the optimum amount of piperine in the Co-Defender formulation to enhance gut absorption.

Why choose CoDefender?

Anti-inflammatory and Antioxident

Co-Defender is a complete pack of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents responsible for immunomodulatory actions. It supplies essential micronutrients important for the activation, production, and maturation of immune cells and significantly boosts immunity. Thus, Co-Defender effectively fulfills the body's needs, maintains a sharp immune response, and strengthens the defensive system against disease-causing agents.

James Klark
  • Pure Nutrients Formulation
  • No risk of Side Effects
  • Free from Preservatives
  • Deliver Immunostimulatory Property
  • Naturally, Boost Immunity Level
  • Reduce the Risk of Infections
  • Enhance Innate and Adaptive Immunity
  • Stimulate Immune Cell Production
  • Beneficial for Both Men and Women
  • Piperine for Maximum Absorption in the GIT
  • Quality Product of Highly Researched Supplements

Designed to protect

Apart from immunostimulatory properties, the Co-Defender composition protects cellular integrity and helps vital physiological functions. The formulation includes essential nutrients to improve quality of life and significantly enhance vitality and longevity.

CoDefender Ingredients

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