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Vit C, an essential vitamin, is reported in many medical research studies as a potent and effective immunomodulatory agent (provide antiviral, antimicrobial, and antioxidant activity). It significantly enhances innate and adaptive immunity and increases the body’s resistance against pathological agents [9-12]. Medical research studies reported that optimal intake of Vit C modulates the immune response, preserves cellular integrity, boosts B- and T- cells differentiation, suppresses inflammatory cytokines, and inhibits viral growth. Moreover, researchers suggest the use of Vit C as an adjuvant therapy (combined with standard treatment) in the management of COVID0-19 [9, 11]. Because it reduces inflammation, prevents vascular injury, decreases the common cold duration and severity, prevents the development of cold, helps support pneumonia treatment, and eliminates toxins in the body [13-16]. Additionally, medical research studies reported that Vit C supplementation, combined with other therapeutic options, reduces the mortality rate in COVID-19 patients, increases the antioxidant capacity, and suppresses the inflammatory cytokine (interleukin-6) or inflammation during COVID-19 [13-16].

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Zinc (Zn)
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