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Vit D3 helps the immune system, supports the immune response, and prevents the development of various medical conditions, including infections. It significantly inhibits viral replication, inhibits inflammation, and increases the level of immune cells, including T-regulatory cells, lymphocytes, macrophages, and dendritic cells. As a result, Vit D increases the body’s immunity level (both innate and adaptive) against pathological agents and other toxic substances. Besides, studies reported an association of inadequate Vit D3 levels with various viral infections, including Hepatitis C, HIV, respiratory tract infections, and influenza [1, 2]. Other medical research studies linked low serum Vit D3 level or deficiency of Vit D3 with an increased risk of COVID-19 and disease severity [3]. Moreover, the optimal concentration of Vit D3 is associated with a reduced mortality rate (risk of death) and fewer chances of COVID-19 development [4, 8]. Some studies also suggested that COVID-19 induced inflammation results in the reduction of Vit D3 level and increases the disease severity or mortality rate [5]. Further, an observational study found that Vit D3, Vit B12, and Magnesium supplementation, combined with other therapeutic agents, in COVID-19 reduce the risk of disease severity, need for oxygenation, and intensive care therapy.

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